Petr Beránek's works comprise mainly paintings. His interest in painting began early, even as a student at the Visual Art School this art form was an important part of his work.

Petr Beránek produces mostly abstract, expressionist motives on unprepared cotton canvas. He uses acrylic paints and adds pigment to increase the intensity of the colour. Sometimes foreign materials are added to the acrylic paint (sand etc.).

In Petr Beránek's pictures the colours off-white, yellow, red and black can often be found.


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The Colour Yellow

Yellow has a special significance in Petr Beránek's artworks: "Working with yellow puts me in a special mood. It's almost as if this colour has the power to induce a form of trance: I don't think about how or what I am painting. Creating a beautiful shade of yellow on the canvas requires a special technique."


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