Petr Beránek first encountered glass objects in 2002, when working on a project organised by the Visual Art School at the Monthey Glass School. He found he enjoyed working with what was for him a new material. In the following two years, Petr Beránek returned many times to the Monthey Glass School to experiment with glass and create new objects. Today he has his own glass kiln in his studio.

The artist works with Belgian Float (window glass). In the first stage of the process, pigment and water are mixed and applied with a brush or pipette. After firing, the painted Float is cut and the pieces arranged between two thicker panes of glass (sandwich technique). This "sandwich" is then fired again to produce the final result.

The glass objects produced by Petr Beránek are mainly of a decorative nature. He has recently expanded his repertoire to include articles such as light boxes and small tables.


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